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From Jim Ancona <...@anconafamily.com>
Subject Re: More flexible servicesPath for ServiceProvider
Date Wed, 09 Jan 2008 17:31:57 GMT
Dan Diephouse wrote:
> #2 sounds interesting as it would not require any code. A patch would be 
> most welcome.  I suppose it could even be combined with #1 while we're 
> at it in case people want to override the regex.

I will be submitting a patch to do #2 (make the default implementation 
use a regex rather than a simple string match) today. Refactoring to 
make the match method replaceable looked like more than I had time to 
take on at the moment.

> Other than that - is the service provider code working for you OK? Did 
> it make sense pretty easily?

I wasn't aware of CollectionProvider/ServiceProvider before your email 
about the changes you made last month. I had already done some work 
using ServiceProvider and had written my own MultiProviderServiceContext 
to do something similar, but I have junked that because the 
ServiceProvider solution is much cleaner than mine was. The only things 
I've seen missing is the support for parameterized URIs that my patches 



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