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From James M Snell <jasn...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Post 0.3.0
Date Tue, 28 Aug 2007 15:17:05 GMT

Brian Moseley wrote:
> On 8/27/07, James M Snell <jasnell@gmail.com> wrote:
>> I haven't really dug into any detail on specific refactorings for the
>> server module.  I like the idea of having some way of allowing an
>> implementor to provide builder objects to use with a default provider
>> implementation; I'm just not sure how best to go about it.
> definitely the most awkward area of my implementation is how to
> serialize my domain model into some format suitable as entry content,
> and how to deserialize an incoming entry to apply it to the model,
> especially when there are multiple possible representations for a
> model object. it would be nice if abdera provided a nice utility for
> this, since everybody has to do it.

The one concern I'd have on this one is that these kinds of marshalling
frameworks tends to get rather complicated very quickly.  I abhor
needlessly complicated code.  If this can be achieved in a generally
simple and elegant way then I'm all for it.  Do you have anything in
mind for an impl?

> i'd also like to consider extensions like: how does a client give
> hints to the server about what specific data it wants included in a
> feed? google's data apis have the concept of "projections" that
> essentially filter the data in the feed. and there's the choosing a
> representation question above. sometimes the client might even want to
> tell the server "a full entry might include these ten columns from the
> database table, but i only want columns A, C and F".

A search/filter capability would definitely be interesting.  Again, my
main concern would be complexity.  There also aren't a lot of standards
to back this up.  As above, do you have anything in mind for an impl?

- James

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