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From James M Snell <jasn...@gmail.com>
Subject Getting ready for 0.3.0
Date Mon, 30 Jul 2007 16:25:34 GMT
So far, here's the list of major updates for Abdera 0.3.0.  In a few
minutes I'm going to look at the dependencies again and see if we can
move up to the latest versions. After that, if there are no objections,
I'd like to go ahead and create the 0.3.0 branch.

 * Updated Atom Publishing Protocol to match the Proposed Standard
 * Refactored and simplified the Server framework code
 * Refactored and simplified the Client code
 * Added support for parsing and writing compressed streams
 * ExtensionFactory implementations can now provide the MIME media type
   for extension elements
 * New wrapper classes so extensions can easily extend Person
   and DateTime elements
 * New model elements that hide the underlying Axiom objects when
   using XPath
 * Support for xml:text and a new parser option to preserve or ignore
   insignificant whitespace
 * New Reader implementation that can filter illegal XML characters out
   of a stream.  New parser option to enable use of the reader
 * New WriterOptions interface used to specify compression codecs for
   output, the charset used, and whether to automatically close the
 * Updated dependencies
 * Updated Atompub Features Extension support
 * Georss Extension Support
 * Updated Atom License Extension support (RFC 4946)
 * WSSE Authentication support
 * Support for Diffie-Hellman Key Negotiation based encryption of Atom
 * Refactored encryption and signature servlet filters in Security
 * Preliminary RSS parsing support added to contrib module in SVN (not
   distributed with build)
 * Other bug fixes

- James

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