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From Adam Constabaris <a...@clownsinmycoffee.net>
Subject Re: Codec/UtilityTest issue?
Date Thu, 24 May 2007 22:43:07 GMT
Exchanging a literal é for \u0059 allows the tests to pass.  Patch attached.



.Adam Constabaris wrote:
> James M Snell wrote:
>> Yeah, the challenge I have with this is that it makes the test
>> circular... testing the output of a function against the output of the
>> same function.  We need to understand why the test is failing on the Mac
>> and figure out if it's something we need to fix.
>> - James
> Both OSes think their respective copies are encoded as UTF-8;  I tried 
> iconv to iso-8859-1, and for fun, to utf-8, with the same results.  
> One thing I didn't try yet was replacing the é  in the test string 
> with \u00e9, which should answer that question.  I'll try that when I 
> can get some time later.  If none of that pans out, I'll start 
> exploring the JVM angle.

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