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From "Brian Moseley" <...@osafoundation.org>
Subject conditional method request headers in the server framework
Date Tue, 24 Apr 2007 19:00:10 GMT
are there any thoughts on supporting the HTTP request headers that
support conditional methods (If-Match, If-Modified-Since,
If-None-Match, If-Unmodified-Since) in the server framework?

i've added preliminary support in my Provider implementation for
If-Match and If-None-Match, which you can see in the following two

have a look at updateEntry() and checkConditionals().


i'm thinking it might be better to do these checks in
AbstractRequestHandler's process() or preconditions() methods. we'd
need a way to get the etag for the current state of the target
resource, probably a Target.getEntityTag method.

i haven't taken a crack at If-Modified-Since/If-Unmodified-Since yet,
but that probably requires a Target.getLastModified method and similar
checks to the If-Match/If-None-Match ones. and there's a little bit of
interaction between these two sets of headers that depend on the
method. but i don't think i'll find any surprises there.

if this sounds ok, i'll open a jira and work up a patch. thoughts?

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