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From James M Snell <jasn...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Trunk not building 2007-03-21
Date Thu, 22 Mar 2007 04:31:22 GMT
Ok. the tests should be fixed now.  Sorry about that.  My only excuse is
a 18 month old who has been on a total Daddy Is Really Cool To Play With
trip all night.  The data files have been recreated and checked in.

- James

Adam Constabaris wrote:
> On 21-Mar-07, at 10:42 PM, James M Snell wrote:
>> I'm able to build trunk using Ant.  I don't use Maven. What is the error
>> you are getting when building from Ant?
>> - James
> Hrm, it's going all Heisenberg on me. With a clean checkout of trunk
> (r521108),
> ant -f build/build.xml build
> succeeds; running test target succeeds even though it shows massive
> numbers of errors all over the place  (ant runs the <java> task instead
> of <junit>?).  The problem there seems to be a hardcoded reference to a
> data file with "g14n" in the path in
> dependencies/i18n/src/main/java/org/apache/abdera/i18n/iri/Nameprep.java:83
> I'm getting different, presumably unrelated, errors in a working copy
> checked out some time ago on the same machine that I've been updating. 
> I'll chalk that up to bad svn hygeine, though, since the clean checkout
> appears to be working.
> So, I think it's safe to disregard the initial claim about not being
> able to build with ant (the issue with Nameprep though, apparently
> remains); I'll look at ginning up a pom.xml for i18n.
> cheers,
> AC

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