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From jsolderitsch <jsolderit...@gestalt-llc.com>
Subject Abdera and Glassfish (and JAX-WS?)
Date Thu, 01 Mar 2007 01:25:02 GMT

I am trying to run some code that depends on the getFactory method as the
basis for creating a new Entry object.

This code works fine in our junit tests and when deployed as a war to

Recently I am trying to use code based on this inside a web service
implementation that I am deploying (via netbeans) to Glassfish, Sun's app

Unexpectedly, the code sequence:

        Abdera _abdera = new Abdera();
        _af = _abdera.getFactory();
        Entry atomEntry = _af.newEntry();

just results in a null pointer exception on the third line.

I am using these lines in a static private method in a class that provides
some context info for my web service class.

I looked at the source and there is a general return of null when a no class
def found error reaches the attempt to get a factory.

Perhaps I should include more of the abdera jars in my lib classes -- right
now I am including only the client and core jars. I will try this next. The
code compiles with just the two jars but perhaps there is a runtime
dependency on some other abdera classes located in other jars.


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