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From "Harris Boyce III" <harris.r.boyce....@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Thoughts for version 0.3.0
Date Fri, 08 Dec 2006 15:11:12 GMT
FWIW, here's my input...

> > Now that 0.2.0 is out the door, here's what I'm thinking for 0.3.0
> >
> >  * I'd like to separate out the IRI stuff into it's own project as was
> >    recently discussed.
> +1

I haven't found any evidence of IRI support in .NET so, whether it's
in Abdera or another project, my guess is it will need to be
implemented as well.

> >  * I'd like to review the use of Axiom and decide once and for all
> >    whether or not we're going to keep it or ditch it.  If we keep it,
> >    we should update to the latest release.  If we ditch it, we need
> >    to come up with an alternative.
> Agreed, this needs to get resolved.  Personally, I'm in favor of
> reducing our total number of dependencies, so if we can implement a
> parser that doesn't pull in Axiom I'd be all for it.  On the other
> hand, if we do that by essentially duplicating all of Axiom, that
> would be unfortunate.

I've been studying the Axiom code as there's no equivalent in .NET, so
an incremental parser will be a large part of work for a .NET
implementation.  This prompts me to consider the pros/cons to such a
parser when there's built-in support for XML object serialization.
But that's another conversation...

So I'm a "0" on this one ;-)

> >  * We need to figure out what's going on with the server code.  I
> >    haven't had the time to put significant effort into evolving it.
> >    One option (which I prefer) would be to separate the Server code out
> >    into its own project and put together a full APP server
> >    implementation.  I have some thoughts on how this could work and
> >    we may be able to leverage some work that was done with Lucene a
> >    while back.
> Agreed that something needs to get done here, but I'm not sure what.
> >  * Hopefully the APP spec will be finalized in the next month or so.
> >    We'll need to finalize the client support.
> >
> >  * The HTTP caching support in the client needs to be thoroughly tested
> >    and finished (e.g. it currently does not support the Vary header).
> >    I'm sure there is room for significant improvement in the client
> >    module.
> >
> >  * What else do we want to do?
> Things that have occurred to me:
> * A mod_speedyfeed like Servlet filter that implements the A-IM: feed
> stuff, so you can automagically drop entries that the requester has
> already seen.
> * Better docs/more examples.
> * Improve the ant based build system, maybe pulling in Ivy to do the
> dependency management.
> * Finish making sure the test cases don't go out and talk to the
> internet, consider pulling the feed validator tests into the tree now
> that Sam has updated their license to make that possible.
> * .NET, C++, other implementations of the APIs

Obviously, I'm +1 on a .NET implementation.  I found someone who is
working on an APP implementation, but it isn't *nearly* as robust as
Abdera (not to discredit the author[s]).

> Anyway, those are just random idea, and I have no idea when I'll be
> able to work on any of them ;-)

Is there any other interest in working on a .NET implementation?  I'm
curious to see if there's anyone else following Abdera with experience
with that framework (or looking to learn it).

- Harris

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