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From James M Snell <jasn...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Thoughts for version 0.3.0
Date Fri, 08 Dec 2006 15:49:02 GMT

Garrett Rooney wrote:
> [snip]
> Agreed, this needs to get resolved.  Personally, I'm in favor of
> reducing our total number of dependencies, so if we can implement a
> parser that doesn't pull in Axiom I'd be all for it.  On the other
> hand, if we do that by essentially duplicating all of Axiom, that
> would be unfortunate.

I definitely think we'd end up duplicating a large part of Axiom.  The
real problem I have with Axiom is that it contains a bunch of stuff we
really don't need (the SOAP stuff).  Perhaps the better approach would
be to work with that group to figure out a more convenient packaging so
we don't have to ship the stuff we're not using.

> [snip]
> Things that have occurred to me:
> * A mod_speedyfeed like Servlet filter that implements the A-IM: feed
> stuff, so you can automagically drop entries that the requester has
> already seen.

Hmm.. that's definitely a possibility but it could get fairly
complicated depending on how its implemented.  I think we'd need to
figure out the larger server module strategy first.

> * Better docs/more examples.
> * Improve the ant based build system, maybe pulling in Ivy to do the
> dependency management.
> * Finish making sure the test cases don't go out and talk to the
> internet, consider pulling the feed validator tests into the tree now
> that Sam has updated their license to make that possible.

All definite +1's

> * .NET, C++, other implementations of the APIs

I would definitely like to see .NET and C++ implementations.  I just
have absolutely no time to devote to the actual code.

- James

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