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From Ugo Cei <ugo....@gmail.com>
Subject Google Data APIs and chunked encoding
Date Thu, 05 Oct 2006 16:13:13 GMT

after having banged my head against the wall for a few hours, I  
finally managed to post an entry to Google Calendar using the Google  
Data API and Abdera (svn trunk). Here's what I discovered and some  

1. Google Data has this pesky authentication mechanism that requires  
you to post a request to a given URL including your credentials as  
parameters and you get back a token in a text reply that you have to  
parse. Of course, this is not Atom, so Abdera is not of much help here.

2. Google expects a Content-Length header when posting an entry. I  
found no better way (admittedly I didn't spend much time on this)  
than to write my entry to a byte array and count its size. Hardly  
optimal, and I wonder whether there's a better way.

3. Google doesn't seem to like postings in chuked encoding format.  
Took a while to figure this one out, since the only reply I got was  
"400 Bad Request". Abdera, on the other hand, insists on chunking the  
output (BaseRequestEntity has a constructor that allows you to  
specifiy whether you want it chunked or not, but Client always  
invokes the constructor that leaves the parameter to its default,  
"true" value.

Regarding point #3 above, I think it would be nice to let the user  
decide whether he wants chunked or not, even though this should maybe  
be negotiated at the HTTP level, so it might be a problem in  
HttpClient or Google, I don't know.

As soon as I've finished cleaning up my code, I will post it  
somewhere, but before then, if you have any suggestions re some of  
the points above, I might use them.



Ugo Cei
Blog: http://agylen.com/
Open Source Zone: http://oszone.org/
Evil or Not?: http://evilornot.info/
Company: http://www.sourcesense.com/

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