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From James M Snell <jasn...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: AbderaServle Usage?
Date Sun, 24 Sep 2006 02:53:08 GMT
It's very cool to see other folks working with this code.  I'll take a
look at the first two points a bit later tonight.  Regarding the "stub"
comment, yes, the code in the server module is designed to make it
easier to write APP servers and does not provide a complete server by
itself.  If you take a look in the examples module, you'll find a very
simple example server implementation that shows the basic components.
It's not a complete APP implementation but it will demonstrate the basics.

- James

froggy000 wrote:
> I'm working with what's in the trunk now and have made some progress getting
> everything compiled and deployed to Tomcat. I worked around a few issues:
> 1. AbderaConfiguration could not be initialized with anything but a
> ResourceBundle and was tied to the ResourceBundle internally, so I'm using a
> HashMap of KVPs now and pass in the KVPs from the servlet init params.
> 2. In ServiceUtil.java, there looks to be a problem with the following code:
>   private static Object checkAbderaConfiguration(String id, Abdera abdera) {
>     String s = abdera.getConfiguration().getConfigurationOption(id);
>     return (s != null) ? locateInstance(getClassLoader(), id, abdera) :
> null;
>   }
> the last line should pass in 's' rather than 'id' I think.
> However, even after making these change, it's apparent that this is more a
> stub than a APP server that will work "out of the box". Could you give me an
> overview of what needs to be done to get a functioning server up and
> running? I'm not expecting step-by-step instructions but a little guidance
> would be very useful.
> James M Snell wrote:
>> The server code in 0.1.0 is not complete.  However, it is possible to
>> get a working APP server put together using it.  Elias' Queso [1] is an
>> example.  However, the code in the trunk would be better.
>> [1] http://torrez.us/archives/2006/07/17/471/
>> - James

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