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From James M Snell <jasn...@gmail.com>
Subject [Fwd: javascript test feed]
Date Mon, 07 Aug 2006 15:47:08 GMT

See the attached.  At some point, I'd like to get these worked into our
test suite (once they've been converted over to Atom).  We currently
have element and text filtering capabilities and it would be cool if we
had a default implementation that addressed these issues.

I'm posting it here just as an FYI and mostly as a reminder to myself,
but if others want to jump in, feel free :-)

- James

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Subject: javascript test feed
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Hi James

You're welcome to add anything you find useful to Abdera's test suite.
Included below is my stock reply with information about the tests.


First I should stress that these tests aren't particularly thorough.
mostly targeted at IE since they were originally designed for testing our
desktop client which uses IE as a renderer. Also there's a lot of stuff I
didn't bother testing because I was fairly sure it wouldn't affect our
I probably will add more when I get the time, but that may be never.

For now, the feed with the full set of tests can be found here:

However, if you need to test in smaller groups you can use a URL like this
(say you just want tests 10 to 20):

For an individual test, you can use something like this:

There are currently 85 tests in total, and each one tries to popup an alert
window saying "Security Test #x" where x is the test number (makes it easy
to tell exactly which tests are failing). One of the tests (currently #12)
is testing onmouseover so it won't trigger automatically.

You should be warned that some aggregators will go into an infinite loop on
certain tests, popping up the alert over and over again making it very
difficult to shut down the aggregator and/or unsubscribe from the feed. The
tests most likely to cause that problem are in the range 77 to 81. Test
number 8 has also made the feed fail completely in some aggregators so if
that happens you should try testing 1 to 7 and 9 to 85 separately.

A lot of the tests are just variations of the same basic attack so more
often than not you'll find aggregators failing them in sets, but I
prefer to
leave in as many variations as possible just to be safe.

The feed automatically regenerates every couple of days with a new set of
dates (makes it easier for me to test aggregators that only show recent
items), so don't be surprised if you subscribe to it and suddenly find
everything showing up as new again.

If you're testing online aggregators, IE6 is the best browser to use since
it tends to show up more errors than Firefox and IE7. Actually the same
for desktop clients that use IE as a renderer - test with IE6 where
possible. I haven't done much testing with other browsers.

I think that's basically all you need to know. Feel free to email if you
have any questions.

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