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From Elias Torres <el...@torrez.us>
Subject Re: JSON Dependency
Date Tue, 18 Jul 2006 01:43:36 GMT

Stephen Duncan wrote:
> I guess this is especially a question for Elias, as you did the
> discussions with the JSON folks.
> JSON was brought in a source-dependency.  Are their plans to modify
> it, or is it intended to be a final version?  Right now the Ant build
> puts it into a json.jar file that indicates no version.

No plans of modifying it right now. But we could in the future. However,
our fixes, may not go back into his version. There's no development

> If it's intended to be a fixed version, it seems to me it would be
> better to get the approval of the JSON guys and do an official build
> of the Apache licensed verison, and request for it to be uploaded to
> the Maven repository.  Then we could just download it like the rest of
> the dependencies.  If we go that route, it would need a groupId, an
> artifactId, and a version.  I would assume those values should be
> groupId=org.json, artifactId=json-asl, and version=?  The version part
> I'm not sure if it should be 1.0, or 2.0 (I see a lot of @version 2
> tags in the code...)

I don't want to bother him with building it for us or worse yet to have
to deal with Maven. If I don't want to deal with a maven repository
myself, I'm not sure why would I ask him to deal with one.

> If it's not desirable to publish it under json, we could publish it
> with an org.apache.abdera groupId, and some artifactId.  If we're
> going to be modifying it, then I think we should version it just like
> the rest of the modules, & do that in both the Ant & Maven builds.

Sounds good to me.

> Thoughts?  I need a "right" answer in order to make a patch to fix the
> Maven build.  If you think there's a "good-enough-right-now" approach
> I should take, let me know that too.

I would love if you could resolve it. Thank you very much.


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