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From "Stephen Duncan" <stephen.dun...@gmail.com>
Subject Abdera and Feed Thread
Date Fri, 23 Jun 2006 10:48:31 GMT
I'm not subscribed to the commits list (that's a bit too much for me),
so I'm only seeing the information on this on James' blog:

Honestly, I'm concerned about this addition.  Certainly I think it's a
large enough change, both in raw API terms as well as in scope of the
API, that it deserved discussion on the list first, moreso than many
other things that have been discussed.

Is first-class support of certain extensions the way to go?  By
first-class support, I mean addition of custom methods on the core
model objects.  I think that's going to be confusing to users who will
assume that the methods are part of the core Atom spec.  As more
extensions got this treatment, those interfaces are going to go
bloated, right?

Even if it is the right thing to do, adding methods for extension to
the core interfaces, what's the criteria for choosing which extensions
get supported this way?

Personally, I'd rather see Abdera focus on making using extensions
that are added as separate independent code easy enough to use, that
adding them to the core interfaces doesn't even feel like it makes
sense anymore.

Stephen Duncan Jr

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