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From "Stephen Duncan" <stephen.dun...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Abdera Wiki
Date Sat, 17 Jun 2006 22:16:12 GMT
If there's not going to be a wiki, then there needs to be a generous
example code section of the website.  I was thinking a wiki would be a
good place to put things that James has previously put on his blog:
example code on parsing an Atom 0.3 feed using extensions, filtering
content using TagSoup, or TurboParsing.  I think that stuff is very
useful, so it should either be incorporated into the site, or there
needs to be another place for it.  If the latter, then a Wiki would be
a good place.

I also think that a Wiki provides a lower barrier to enty with regards
to contributing documentation than providing the content somehow
through JIRA.  Content can be worked out on the WIki, pointed to from
a JIRA issue, and then committed to the main site by a committer.
Requiring patches to the site for documentation contributions tends to
limit contributions.

I can see your concerns though too.  For core documentation, it's a
tradeoff between maintenance work & encouraging contributions from
people.  For examples & other detailed docs, it's the ease of adding
them to a wiki vs. the ease of keeping up-to-date as part of the core

I think it's better to have a Wiki.  It should have a section for
examples, and such examples should only live on the Wiki.  It should
have a section for proposed documentation that is clearly labeled as
such, so that documenation can be worked out on the Wiki, but have it
clear that the website is the authoritative source.  I also think a
WIki can be a better place to work on design concepts than JIRA or the
mailing lists.


On 6/17/06, Gav.... <brightoncomputers@brightontown.com.au> wrote:
> I'm not really a fan of Wikis in this scenario.
> We have Jira (or will have) for patches, proposals etc and those
> Contributing doc enhancements can also put them on Jira for someone
> To review and commit. There is a website to put this information and
> Guides, how-tos etc, it could get confusing for users, where do they
> Go for upto date accurate info, the Wiki or the Website. It can be
> Cumbersome to maintain, just maintaining the website and keeping it
> Upto date in terms of code changes and howtos will be a big job, no need
> To have to keep a Wiki updated also.
> SVN and Jira work well together, keeping good track of issues and patches,
> Doc changes etc. It would make sense to have contributions, whether docs
> Or code be put up as a Jira Issue instead.
> That said, other projects seem to manage ok with both, so I'm not against
> It, just not a fan. My 2 cents at this stage as an observer, a bit too
> Early for me to join in really.
> Gav...
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> > I'm good either way.  It's probably not a bad idea.
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> > - Ja
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> > Elias Torres wrote:
> > > Do we need a __wiki__? Just wondering.
> > >
> > > * It could be authenticated.
> > > * For docs/proposals/guides
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> > > [Elias]
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