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From "Stephen Duncan" <stephen.dun...@gmail.com>
Subject Website, Maven, & Stuff
Date Fri, 09 Jun 2006 03:16:24 GMT
Sorry for being such a noob & not knowing how to get the individual
e-mails from the archive to respond in thread properly...

First a question: are the other mailing lists live, or just placeholders?

On the Maven vs. Static website discussion, I think the discussion was
setting up a false dichotomy.

Reports such as Javadoc, Source Xref (cross reference), etc. are
obviously not static content.  They've got to be generated with
something.  As long as we assume the Maven build will be maintained
for the Java implementation, then you may as well use Maven to
generate these (and sure, duplicate as many as are feasible in an Ant
build if you so desire...).  The only thing I think would be up for
debate is whether to ALSO use Maven to do it's automated compilation
of tying the whole site together, or to do that with statically
maintained HTML.  I would think you'd still want to then refer to
Maven generated content from the static HTML where possible...

Back to the debate part: I, personally, would find that using Maven to
generate at least the subsite section that represents the Java
implemention would be helpful.  Some work to get the desired &
consistent look & navigation as the main site, but probably doable.  I
guess since we're talking about the potential of other language
implementations, doing the main site statically would make it easier
for contributors not using Java to contribute to...

Stephen Duncan Jr

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