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From "Garrett Rooney" <roo...@electricjellyfish.net>
Subject [PATCH] make xslt tests work via ant
Date Sat, 24 Jun 2006 14:06:36 GMT
I've been having some trouble running the XSLT tests via ant, and a
little googling around implies that it has something to do with ant
and xalan.jar not being in the classpath, resulting in a
NullPointerException when you try and instantiate the xslt engine.

See http://mail-archives.apache.org/mod_mbox/xmlgraphics-batik-users/200501.mbox/%3C41FD07AE.9090905@cs.rutgers.edu%3E
for an example of the error.

I have no clue what the "right" way to fix this is, or what the real
root cause is, but the work around appears to be adding fork="yes" to
the java tasks that run the tests.  Here's a patch that does that.


Make xslt test work by forking off our test runs.

* build/build.xml
  (test): add fork="yes" to our java runs.

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