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From "Garrett Rooney" <roo...@electricjellyfish.net>
Subject License of Test Files
Date Thu, 22 Jun 2006 22:35:09 GMT
Hi there.  I'm working on the Abdera
(http://incubator.apache.org/abdera/) test suite, moving it from a
model where it parses various atom feeds out on the internet to a
model where the tests are stored in its source tree.  A big chunk of
Abdera's tests are based on parsing the atom tests from
feedparser.org.  I'd like to import those files into our source tree,
but before I do that I just wanted to verify that the license they're
distributed under is compatible.

There doesn't seem to be an actual copy of the license in the nightly
zip files, and while it says in
http://www.feedvalidator.org/about.html that it's under the python
license, but it doesn't say what version of python, or link to an
actual copy of that license.  Since python has been under various
licenses over the years, it seems somewhat unclear.

So rather than digging around python.org and hoping I hit the right
license, I was wondering if you could clarify for me what the actual
license is.



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