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From James M Snell <jasn...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Getting started with Abdera
Date Wed, 28 Jun 2006 02:10:34 GMT

Garrett Rooney wrote:
> That kind of error tends to result from passing a null stream to
> parse().  When you say that the path to simple.xml was "valid", do you
> mean you gave it a full system path, like:

Yep. I've seen this on several occasions and it always happens on a null
stream.  We need to add some error checking on that

> InputStream in =
> Parse.class.getResourceAsStream("/home/rooneg/.../simple.xml");
> If so, that's incorrect, getResourceAsStream tries to pull a file out
> of the classpath, so you need to make sure a directory containing that
> file (i.e. the resources directory, or someplace the contents of that
> directory are copied) is in the classpath when you run the test.
>> Any thoughts?  Are there plans to use other parsers such as JDOM?
> I don't know, do you plan to write a parser that uses JDOM?  ;-)
> Seriously, as I understand it, Abdera is written in such a way as to
> allow multiple parser back ends, so the only limitation is the lack of
> volunteers to write parser back ends for whatever kind of XML parser
> is desired.

Yep, although the barrier is a bit high.  The FOM* impl classes are
dependent on the Axiom implementation.  So you either implement JDOM as
a layer under Axiom or create a JDOM-based impl of the FOM* classes.

> -garrett

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