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From James M Snell <jasn...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: XHTML Content
Date Tue, 27 Jun 2006 23:39:55 GMT

...when the Content and Text objects are set to type "xhtml", when I
call getValueElement(), the Div object is returned.

...when the I call getValue(), a text string is returned that contains
the wrapper non-content "div".

...when I call setValue(...), the string that is passed in must already
contain the wrapper div.

In short, Abdera currently expects the application using Abdera to do
the right thing with the XHTML content rather than taking care of those

The question is over whether or not that is a correct behavior (e.g.
should content.getValue() not return the wrapper div).  I'm fine with it
not given that we can still get to the Div via the getValueElement() method.

- James

joe kim wrote:
> Some nice difference of opinion here.  If you guys do not mind, can
> there be a clarification on the intent of this discussion?
> Is the discussion on whether Entry.getContent() will return the "div"
> tag or not?
>> From the discussion it seems to make sense that Entry.getContent() not
> return the div, but instead have a method called
> Entry.getContentAsXhtml() return the "div" in case the programmer
> needs it to  "aid in displaying the content."
>> I can tell you what the WG meant. Twisting it round to have the MAY
>> break the MUST is pretty bogus. That said, if you don't think the text
>> is sufficiently clear, I will be happy to add it to my list of errata
>> (second item, there is a mistake in the author subelements, which
>> should allow any attribute in the schema).

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