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From Elias Torres <el...@torrez.us>
Subject Re: Now that the code's in
Date Sat, 17 Jun 2006 13:49:48 GMT

Gav.... wrote:
> The snell_sandbox, is this for everyone to play with ? If so an idea
> I bring from Forrest etc is the Whiteboard, call it the Sandbox if you
> Like, but is housed not in a branch, but as a sub-dir of trunk, that
> Way everyone gets to play, add there own whiteboard/sandbox sub-projects.
> Eventually they either get deleted or merged into the core, or a plugin,
> whatever.

This is what Roller does and I also had suggested to James. However, I
think that there's a need for both. If it's something that's in early
stages, maybe a full branch works best because you need a *whole* copy
of the tree to make modifications in other parts of the tree, ie. some
refactoring/redesign. Else, it might very well be in trunk/sandbox so
others can follow it more easily. For example, validator, rdf
serializer, etc can be in trunk/sandbox for everyone to play with if

I'd also rather not have personal sandboxes, but instead
feature-specific branches, that way many can work there. Personal
sandboxes makes the project feel less community-driven.


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